Sunday, August 05, 2012

250=1, Story 12

The Things We Don't Tell Are Most Important.

On your 8th birthday, as you blow out the candles on your birthday cake, you see a vision of the person who will be most important in your life.

Most people forget who they saw, until later they meet that person and feel a bond that they do not know stems from the glimpse of one specific part of their future, many years ago.

Many people see their future wife, or their will-be husband.

But sometimes, the person they see is not the obvious one.

One girl sees a convenience store clerk and years later walks into a gas station and scares off the robber who is going to shoot the clerk, and nobody is the wiser except both the clerk and the customer feel like it is a good night.

Once, a boy sees a neurologist who will stumble across his X-rays and send an email to another doctor and save his life.  The man never meets the neurologist, who on his own 8th birthday, saw his own future daughter, who he will talk to on the telephone after his wife passes away.  They won't talk about anything in particular, but the neurologist will feel better just discussing a television show they'd both watched.

This is why everyone should have a party on their 8th birthday, even though nobody ever tells anyone about the vision of the person he or she saw.

We all have them, and nobody talks about them.


In 250=1, I write stories that are exactly 250 words long, counting the title.  Here's all the others so far

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Andrew Leon said...

Oh, man, I hope you're going to make this idea into a book. That's a great idea for a book!