Saturday, August 11, 2012

When I swim, I fly. (Project 190, Day Thirty-Three)

I am really getting to like swimming. 

Today, I had an opportunity to swim in the shorter pool, while the boys played, because Mr F didn't want to go to the playroom while I worked out, so I took the boys to the pool and swam with them while Sweetie worked out.

When Sweetie was done, she came to watch the boys and I could have stayed in the shorter pool and swam but I got out and went to the long pool, where I did my laps.

I like the feeling of swooping through the water.  I know I'm not swooping, as such, but it feels like I am, and whereas running is clunky and slow and hot and sweaty, swimming is all grace and clean lines and cool water.

Or so I imagine; I don't know what I look like as I swim.

Plus, when I swim, my thoughts are more and more dreamlike.  When I swim, I don't think in words, but I get pictures and images and ideas and I jump from subject to subject, my mind sort of tossing and turning the way my body does on a cool summer night when I wake up and realize it's only 11 p.m. and I've got hours left to sleep so I can relax.

Here is a story I thought of today while I swam -- it's a 250=1 story:

Icarus’ Lesser-Known Sister.

Sphyraena was her name, and she, like her brother, had her own adventure, but in her case it was not dangerous.  Where her brother flew to close to the sun, Sphyraena who was called Rae by her friends and her mother who doted on her swam to close to the water.

This did not pose any peril to her.  The water loved her, as it loves everyone.  Water, given a chance, will envelope you and caress you and support you, keeping you safe and sound, and Rae loved the water like it loved her, swimming in it as often as she could until one day she swam too close to it, or it too close to her.

In any event, whoever approached the other first that day, neither ever let go, but it was impossible for Rae to fall to her death with the loving embrace of her lifelong friend, and so she swam on endlessly, learning to dive deeper and deeper and come up less and less frequently.  She did not need her legs as much as she used to and kept them folded together and did not need her arms, they only got in the way and so she kept them alongside her.

She came to love the water so much, and it her, that she let it inside her lungs and the water did not drown her as it did others but fed her air, and Rae never came back up but swam forever.


Today's workout: Swimming, 30 laps, 21:20.
Latest weight: 253.
Today's song that I listened to actually last night when the boys and I were driving back from the pool because the classical music radio station was doing a tribute to Marvin Hamlisch:

The Entertainer (Scott Joplin; Marvin Hamlisch arrangement)



Andrew Leon said...

That's an interesting take on that, although I'm not quite sure what "swimming too close to the water" means.

And I totally understand what you're saying with the kids. I wish I had better answers for you. I'm always impressed with how much you accomplish while still spending so much time with them.

A whole mile, huh? Wow...

Briane P said...

He'd have kept going, if he could have.

anna. said...

i went swimming today too! you can check out my blog for more details, but basically when i swim, all i can think about it how i'm not good at breathing underwater and will probably die soon. loved the story as well.

Rusty Webb said...

I sway too close to the water once. It was like staring at the sun. With flapping arms.