Thursday, March 12, 2009

Boat Safe.

The warmer weather is coming, and that means that soon all the people around us will be getting out their boats and heading out onto the lake.

I'm not a boat guy myself, and frankly, I think I'm lucky to not be, because I see the people getting ready to go boating, and coming home from boating, and I wonder how it is that they're still alive. At times, watching them pack up to go out on the water, you'd think that the boat runs on beer and alcohol, given how much they're taking with them.

That bugs me. People think that it's okay to get drunk and go out boating. It's not. If you ask me, it's every bit as dangerous to be drunk or buzzed and zooming a boat around as it is to be driving drunk. That doesn't stop people, though: they get liquored up, hop into their boats, get more liquored up, and gun the engine until they're speeding along -- and it's only a matter of time until that boat crashes into a group of kids fishing from a rowboat, or runs over a waterskier, or hits the beach where people are swimming... and kills someone.

That's why I'm glad that people are making more of an effort to crack down on drunk boaters through more public awareness, and more enforcement of things like Boating OUI (Operating Under The Influence) laws. I've found a video, below, that tells more about it than I could in this short post, so if you're a boat person, watch the video, and then maybe just have a diet soda before you go piloting a deadly object through a crowd of people enjoying a summer day.

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