Tuesday, March 10, 2009

That one story about the pants was a little creepy, okay, but in a good way...

Baby clothes can be so random and meaningless. I go through the baby and now toddler section of stores looking for clothes that are cool and fun, and what's out there? Camoflage, trucks, tools, and long underwear with sailboats on it.

Sailboats? Tools? These are my kids. The odds that they will ever sail a boat, or know how to properly use a tool are slim. Slim to none.

The odds, though, that they will be well-versed in making up words, rhyming things, nonsensical phrases, and other miscellany, are such that they approach certainty, and they need clothing that reflects who they are and how they are being raised (respectively: "Mr F and Mr Bunches," and "with a minimum of discipline and a maximum of access to chocolate chip cookies.")

I was about to despair, and then I found: The Retro Baby, a site that sells baby clothes -- but baby clothes that are way more awesome than the kind I can find in the stores. Baby clothes that, for example, reference Dr. Seuss -- like this one:

EVERYONE loves Dr. Seuss. Or at least I do, and Mr F and Mr Bunches do, and who cares about the rest of you -- they're the ones wearing the clothes and I'm the one paying for them, so our opinions count.

I was looking through those clothes, and I wanted to buy them ALL. The Circus McGurkus, Horton Hears a Who, One Fish, Two Fish -- just seeing the drawings cracked me up and made me recall those stories instantly, stories and rhymes that I know by heart and read almost nightly to the boys. Forget tools, sailboats, camoflage (that stuff doesn't work anyway -- I can ALWAYS find them) -- I'm dressing Mr F and Mr Bunches exclusively in Dr. Seuss gear from The Retro Baby from here on out. At least until they're old enough for the superhero gear.

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