Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Calvin said "krakow! krakow!" but I think he was wrong. (Commutation 9)

This morning, to overcome my annoyance at people turning left, stopping randomly, and otherwise being dumb during the morning rush hour -- and they were dumb; I left 15 minutes earlier than usual and still got to work at the same exact time I always do, making the time I leave for work an entirely moot point now -- I tried to come up with a sound effect for deleting emails.

I settled on the sound effects I used to use for a laser when I was a kid: vrzshew! vrzshew!. It would be way more fun to work in an office if, when I hit "delete" on an email, my computer made that sound.

To answer the obvious question: yes, I then made that sound aloud a few times on the way into work, and no, it was not because I was pretending to shoot lasers at the other commuters. I just liked the sound.

Also: Why is it so hard to find good images of laser guns shooting? The Internet is created by people who eat, sleep, and breath Star Wars -- but I still have to do 10 minutes of searching to find an image to go with this post? That image is the best one I could find -- and that was found by googling "Star Wars Laser Guns Shooting." I think the the rest of the world needs to get on the ball, here.

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