Friday, March 13, 2009

Says You...

I'm kind of remiss about replying to comments on here -- not because I don't read them, I just never get around to it. That, and the fact that the comments I do get tend to be very good and deserve to be more than a comment, have caused me to start up "Says You," where I'll reprint and respond to the best of the comments. Here we go!

Lisa Pepin (who writes "Lost In Provence," an excellent blog,) commented on my disappointment with the school system by noting:

He's going to a baseball game for a class trip? What the hell is he going to do for Senior Skip day, take a calculus exam? The longer I'm here, the less the world makes sense to me.

You may be right about what he's going to do, Lisa-- when they were younger, the kids celebrated Spring Break by playing school. Class trips when I was a kid were to "The Octagon House," and if we did something fun for school, it was during the summer or a weekend.

Court, who writes "Kaiya's Laughter Heals" - -a shiny object to cheer us up in this life-- took the opposite view, though (as you'd expect from a relentlessly positive blogger!) After reading about pinecones calculus-ing abilities, Court noted:

I remember getting out of school when I was eight to watch our team win the championship. It only took twenty years to win it again (last year) but it was much funner when I was smaller. Maybe everything is?

Everything was more fun when I was smaller, Court -- and the simple reason for that is because things were better back then. Also: you kids get the heck off of my lawn! But ask yourself this, Court: If you'd been in school that day, 20 years ago, isn't it possible, just a little, that what you'd learned that day might have helped the world become a better place today? If you're school hadn't let you out that day, for example, maybe by now someone -- you, even-- would have invented a food pantry or closet that would be able to lower, dumbwaiter-like, into the floor and open into the garage, so that I would not have to carry groceries all the way from my garage up to the kitchen like a sucker just because the kids are not home?

Finally, Scott, of Husbands Anonymous, also took the lead-singer-to-law-firm route that is such an underutilized career builder these days, and noted:

I thought I was bad-wanting to do something that involved climbing trees, or tasting wine. I mean, who really says to themselves, gee, I'd like to work in an office?
I, too, worked as a lead singer, but as I was only paid in beer, which apparently landlords do not accept as legal tender, had to quit the band. Now I work in a law firm, but even I don't exactly know what the heck I do.
You wrote a good piece, here...

Luckily for Scott, it was "climbing trees or tasting wine." Combining the two of those leads to far worse things than working for a law firm.

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Here it is: My comment about your comment on my comment... A comment turducken, if you will. But on THIS blog. Wait, do we not mention the other blogs on this blog? Is that uncool? Are universes colliding again?