Sunday, March 08, 2009

I will take to the airwaves to make my case. Or whatever it is the Internet is broadcast over.

We still haven't decided what new furniture to get Mr F and Mr Bunches, and we have to make up our mind soon, because those two are rapidly outgrowing their old room.

I've been trying to convince Sweetie to get this one:
Because I think it's awesome, and frankly, I would consider getting it for our bedroom except that Sweetie and I would no doubt argue a lot over who got the top bunk. Sweetie, though, worries that bunk beds are no good because she thinks one of the boys will roll out of it when they sleep, which is a fear I don't understand. Everyone thinks Oh, if I sleep in the top bunk I'll roll out, but have you ever actually rolled out of your bed while asleep? I didn't think so. I don't even know anyone who claims to know someone who rolled out of a bed while asleep.

Still, we may have to keep looking around if I don't win this debate this time. Luckily for me, there's lots more than just Bunk Beds available for buying out there; there's a wealth of Kids Furniture available at the site these links go to -- the one I keep browsing around because I like to see the pictures of the stuff before I get the details, and because I like to shop for furniture on the Internet, seeing as how it saves time and effort... just click click click, instead of drive drive walk walk salesman salesman walk walk drive drive.

That site, too, has Girls Bedroom Furniture, if you're interested; I haven't looked at it a lot because we don't need more frilly stuff, we need GUY stuff. Like castles. Which are, I note, half-off right now, in case you're reading this, Sweetie.

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