Friday, April 10, 2009

If you're looking for work, I've got some.

Doesn't the best advice sound basic and common sense once you hear it, making you think oh, sure, I knew that, but you didn't know that -- that's why it's good advice. It's something you overlooked and then heard and thought well, that makes sense.

Advice like the idea I found today: Before you hire someone to do home repairs, make sure they've got a listing in your local yellow pages.

That's awesome advice, because if the person you're hiring is not listed in the yellow pages, odds are they're not a very good business. They may be a fly-by-night operation, they may be scam artists, whatever the reason, no listing = red flag. And do you want red flags surrounding someone who is working on your house? You do not.

I got that advice from Anderson Comfort Systems, LLC, the place that's listed on this Omaha HVAC website I stumbled across while looking for some people to do a little work on OUR house. Anderson Comfort Systems has all kinds of good little tidbits on that site, advice like "don't hire the lowest bidder, hire the best," and judging your contractor by how clean and reliable they are: is their van a mess, or is it professional looking? Do they show up on time, or call you to let you know they're running late?

Those, too, are common-sense sounding things that until I read them, I hadn't thought about. But, armed with that knowledge, I can now find the right professional to work on my house. Just as soon as I find a listing for "Person To Clean Up The Fossilized Trash In The Boy's Room."

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