Monday, April 06, 2009

It's mostly old issues of "The New Yorker."


These days, at our house, it's all about the HD-- high definition -- TV. The Boy and Sweetie and probably the Babies!, too, swear by it.

Me? I've got bad eyesight and never get to choose the shows we watch. I read a lot.

But the kids and Sweetie love HD TV and think that there's really something to it, and that it's going to stick around. Which means that I can maybe score points with the family by taking advantage of the niceness being displayed by Charter these days.

Charter is concerned that cable companies are getting a bad rap and to combat that, they're trying to prove that they deserve, well, a better rap. To earn that better rap, Charter is giving away a 22" flat screen HDTV every day in April, in a contest open to any existing customers who upgrade, or to new customers.

All you, or I, have to do is go to their website at -- it's among the easiest to use, and lets the customer build a "service bundle" that exactly meets their needs. HD? Internet? Phone? Bundle 'em up and take 'em home Metaphorically speaking)all at one site, and save money and hassle.

Plus, by bundling through Charter, you get a chance to win the grand prize -- which is way better than a 22" HDTV. The Grand Prize is a 52" LCD Flat Screen, with home theater and a year of free HD Charter DigitaL Cable. Just ordering enters you into the drawing, and a lot of people want to order -- in the last month alone, more people went and signed up than any other online promotion to date -- even more than the ones that gave away laptops and XBoxs and, once, a car.

Charter is really trying to show you that they're misunderstood and misrepresented -- and you can find out for yourself by following their Twitter fees (@chartercom) or just going to their website and signing up for the contest and winning a 22" HDTV.

But don't count on getting the grand prize: I'm going to win that myself. I figure it'll cast more light for me to read my magazines by.


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