Monday, April 06, 2009

Quote of the Day, 21

"What's wrong with the word lozenge?"

-- Me

Yesterday, Sweetie and I stopped to pick some things up at the drugstore, and the clerk that rung us up complained that he was not feeling so well. Then, he coughed up a lung all over one of his hands and our bag, and then picked up the bag to hand it to Sweetie.

I was repulsed by that, and told her so on the way out the door, and she agreed that she knew I'd be grossed out by what he'd done. As we got in the car, I said to her "I understand he doesn't want to stay home from work for a cold, but he works in a drugstore. Take a lozenge, for God's sake."

Sweetie, then, began laughing at me for saying lozenge instead of cough drop, and calling me "Professor Dictionary." We have a very mature relationship.
Here's an interesting point about all of this: The Oxford Rhyming Dictionary says that "lozenge" is a near-rhyme for "orange." Plus, that book organizes words by sound.

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lisapepin said...

Oooh... You got served by Sweetie, Matt and the dictionary. That's so blorange.