Saturday, April 11, 2009

You'll love the sound effects in this post.

The one downside I have to doing my many home-fix-it projects is that I have no flashlight. I've never had a flashlight, mostly because I think of flashlights as being a tool ordinarily needed only by burglars and by guys in protective suits searching the woods for ET.

That's what I think, at least, until I've got the shower disassembled or I'm under the sink and I can't see a danged thing, and I've got no flashlight and I'm reduced to having the kids stand in strategic locations holding mirrors so that I can angle some of the daylight in, and I always think "Why not just get a flashlight?"

Thus, I am excited to have found the miniature streamlight fashlights over on Optics Planet. While Optics Planet has about 600 bazillions of these flashlights (the toughest, most cost-effective kind around, I bet) including kinds for law enforcement and fire and rescue and hunters, the mini-keychain flashlight is perfect for me. I can put it into the toolbox (right next to the Emergency Butterfinger Bar) and have it handy the next time something goes wrong in our house, which ought to be...



(Crash! Break! Expensive!)


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