Friday, April 10, 2009

Paper Clip Sculptures & High Fashion. Yep, It's Friday Morning.

So there's a recession going on, or a depression, or, I guess, a "re-pression." (Ugh. Stop it, Anna Quindlen. We do not need that.)

Whatever we call what's going on, the availability of men wholesale clothing means that that I have the ability to still be stylish and dressed well even in hard economic times.

And, truthfully, the recession is not to blame for me not being stylish. (My predilection for shirts that say Gaius Baltar for President is what bears the blame. ) The recession couldn't be an excuse, not when Price -- the wholesaler for the Internet -- exists.

With Price, I can get clothing at up to 75% below wholesale; that's like getting it free... or maybe getting paid to shop (I'm not so good at math.) They've got women's clothing, kids' clothing, and, of course, men's clothing, including shirts in bulk -- I can get 12 new dress shirts, all in one fell swoop, for $126 -- that's like...

lemme get my calculator. What? I don't have a calculator? Let me try to assemble a slide rule out of paperclips. Not working... not working... hey, I made a little horse...

Anyway, that's really cheap, whatever it works out to per shirt, and they're good high quality shirts, too.

I'm not forgetting what my readers always want to know: the answer is yes, they've got super-duper-cheap stuff, too. Check out their 'Specials' section for shirts as low as $3.50 per shirt, or minidresses for $10.50 apiece.

Price promises prices ranging from 50-70% below wholesale on everything they've got, with the best name brands going for those prices. Recession, re-pression, whatever we're in, Price will carry you through in style until President Baltar gets us out of this mess.

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