Monday, April 06, 2009

Sometimes, when I start talking, I just ramble until I run out of words.

I am, right now, the sole breadwinner for a our family. That is, Middle and The Boy both work, but they work at the kind of jobs where the primary benefit is not so much the pay as it is the ability to bring home free bagels for me -- something that happens all-too-rarely, if you ask me.

But I take my responsibilities as the income earner in our family seriously. I get up and make it to work on time, mostly, at least two or three days per week, and I spend upwards of 25% of my time at the office not surfing the Internet, all to bring home enough money to make sure that when the coffeemaker breaks down, we can take a jaunty trip out to Wal-Mart and get a new one, and throw in a Hershey's Bar for Mr F and Mr Bunches to split on the way home.

I'd hate to think that if something happened to me, Sweetie's ability to replace coffee makers (and toilet seats, and couch cushions) at will, with a bonus candy bar thrown in, would be hampered, and I'd hate to think that she and the kids would have to struggle just to make ends meet, or that Sweetie would have to go back to work and struggle to make ends meet.

That's why we've got a whopping amount of life insurance on me -- to make sure that if something did happen to me, there would be enough candy bars and trips to the store and coffee makers to keep everyone from being too distraught over the terrible thing that happened to me (I like to imagine that I went down fighting the rhinos that escaped from the zoo. How'd they escape, you ask? Eco-terrorists, I'd gather. But I saved the city, so it doesn't matter who let them go. The threat was ended. But at what cost!?!)

Not only would there be enough to take care of candy-bar-related needs, but enough to pay off the house and the debts and make sure that there was something left over, so that Sweetie wouldn't have to struggle as a single parent suddenly, rhinocerously, deprived of her spouse.

Don't lose sleep at night worrying about whether you could afford to save the city from a Zoo Gone Mad: Instead, just get yourself a decent amount of life insurance through the good people at altig and American Income. American Income is an A+ Superior rated organization taht for over 50 years has been providing benefits to families, and Altig is the professional firm taht trains and supports the independent agents who provide American Income Life Insurance Products -- which means that when you're dealing with American Income, you're dealing with people who have been professionally trained to evaluate your insurance needs and help you provide for the future, whatever the future holds.

Even rhinocerouses.

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