Saturday, April 11, 2009

The popcorn vacuuming will count as billable hours.

Well, there's pretty much no way I'm ever going to get anything done at work again.

I wonder how productive the world was BEFORE the Internet? It's hard enough to pretend to work when there's all these great blogs and music to download and webcomics and things to keep up with. But now that I can Watch movies online, it's all over for my career. (Such as it was...)

There's a new site called "" that lets you Watch movies and TV shows online, for free. TV shows like "House," which I always want to watch at home, but I get too distracted by the Babies and by my books and my guitar and the yardwork and all, and so I never watch it at home.

Or shows like "Californication," which I can't watch at home, because we don't get HBO at home.

Now, though, I don't have to watch them at home. I can watch them online, which means I can watch them at work. And it's not like it's totally unproductive. I do need to watch the shows, and some of the movies and shows you can watch award money for reviewing, so, you know, I can make a little money on the sidee.

All of which means that my nine or ten hours in the office now will break down to:

8-9 a.m.: Reading webcomics, checking celebrity gossip.
9-11 a.m.: Television shows I meant to watch last night but didn't.
11-1 p.m.: Feature film.
1-2 p.m.: Explain to boss why my work is not done yet (blame it on coworkers/computer)
2-5 p.m.: Second show of double feature.
5-5:30 p.m.: Vacuum up spilt popcorn.

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