Monday, April 13, 2009

It's WYSVOTTNF Week! (First Thoughts)

I have decided to invent a week of my own. This week, specifically. Although that's not the right way to say it. I didn't invent the week of April 13-20. That week, I've learned, was invented by Samuel Morey, who, also invented the steam-powered toaster -- an invention which has been wrongly attributed to Ferdinand Verbiest, if "being mentioned on a World of Warcraft message board" = "attribution."

Samuel Morey I assume sat back one day with his steam-powered toast and thought we need a week between April 12 and April 21, and so he invented one. Ah, genius.

I have now gone Samuel one better, by deciding that this week is going to be, from now on, Wear Your Sweater Vests One Last Time 'til Next Fall Week, which we can abbreviate to the easily-said W.Y.S.V.O.T.T.N.F. Week. So all this week, I'll be wearing my sweater vests one last time until next fall, and you do that, too.

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