Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Plan E is advertise on Craig's List for a new garage door.

Plan A for fixing our garage door opener was get the Brother In Law to do it. Then I found out that the Brother In Law hurt his arm fixing his own garage door opener, so it seemed in poor taste to ask him to fix it... at least until he heals.

Plan B was fix it myself, which, because I'm not sure what's wrong with it and because unplugging it and plugging it back in didn't seem to have any effect, morphed almost immediately into Plan C, which is park outside the garage.

All this because the right-side garage door, my garage door, stopped working. I've looked it, and I even called the manufacturer to look at it, and we're all stumped. "Call someone else," they suggested. (Thanks a lot, warranty guy!) And "Call someone else" was Plan A... so you can see where that left me.

I'm left, as a result, high and dry -- and I wish it were otherwise. I wish, for example, that I lived in Texas, because as I was googling around trying to find someone to call to fix my garage door opener, I found this San Antonio garage doors website. The people of San Antonio, who are already lucky because they live down south and it's not 37 degrees in April, also get to hire "Precision Overhead Door Of San Antonio Inc.," the best garage door place in San Antonio.

I'm all jealous because the Precision website has helpful information like how to get good referrals, what to make sure is in the contract, and there's even a way to request a phone call to set up an appointment, right there on the website.

I thought about putting in my name and number and seeing if they'd want to come on up here, but nixed that idea due to travel costs. Instead, I'm thinking maybe I'll take my door down THERE.

We'll call that Plan D.

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