Friday, April 17, 2009

Wasn't How To Make Sense We Were Thinking Of: (Take Stock 2)

It's easier to do this stealing "Terry's Parent's Refrigerator's" Idea that I saw on Read. Dance. Bliss, so I'm just gonna do that from now on. Here's Take Stock 2: My bookshelf by my bed.

My bookshelf sits to my right. I get the right-hand (farther away from the TV) side of the bed, so I'm on the side of the bed Ray Romano warned against taking -- I, like Ray, get my weather with a big toe in it.

The little nightstand is actually Sweetie's jewelry box. Shown in this picture:

1. Diet Red Pop Soda. Because the more tenuous a food's connection to the natural world, the more I like it. "Faygo" makes a blue soda, but they don't make it in diet, so I haven't tried it yet. They do make a diet Pina Colada soda. That's livin'.

2. Spiky Fish Clock. Among the many things I collect are clocks. The spiky fish clock is one of my favorites. If you click to enlarge the photo, you'll see that the second hand is a tiny fish that circles around the spiky fish clock's mouth. The spiky fish clock served as the inspiration for one of the demons in a horror story I wrote, Temporary Anne.

3. A Stack of The Boy's DVDs that I Took From Him To Maybe Watch Someday: I have a rule against re-watching movies, since I have so many movies (and seasons of Lost) that I haven't watched. But I found these gathering dust in The Boy's room and couldn't bear the thought of him losing them or selling them for "store credit" at a DVD store (as he did with all his video games, once) so I took them in case I ever watch all the movies and TV shows that have ever existed, and then start over.

4. My guitar: I don't play much anymore because I spend my time chasing pantsless two-year-olds around and writing, but I can muster up at least four or five chords, which puts me ahead of Bono, who had only a red guitar, three chords, and the truth. Or was that Jimi Hendrix? It doesn't matter, because I also wrote the songs The Lookout Cow, Eatin' Gummi Bears, and If I Was Paul McCartney, among others. If you'd like to hear extremely lo-fi, extremely bad versions of some of those songs, click here.

But, really, Big Mouth Frog Blues is better live. Because of the facial expressions, you see.

5. Some books. These are ones I've read (Outliers) and one I bought because I read it a long time ago, then lost my copy, then found this copy for a dollar at the library and so I bought it (Magic Kingdom for Sale).

6. Some more books. These are mostly collections of comic strips -- an underappreciated art medium, if you ask me. I've got collections of Doonesbury, Bloom County, and the fancy leather-bound Calvin & Hobbes. I know most of them by heart. There's some overflow on that shelf, too, of books I've read, including Heinlein's The Number of The Beast and Hornsby's "How To Be Good," which I took back from Middle's room. Middle had to read that book as part of her 'extra homework' for getting bad grades in the second quarter. I believe she never finished it because I constantly get outfoxed on punishments.

7. Barely visible: My CDs. That's the source of the 9,000+ songs that I've got on my iPod. Those stacks of CDs (and others under the bed) serve as a backup to hard drive that backs up my laptop and my iPod.

8. More Books: These are the ones I'm waiting to read. First on the list: the begun-but-interrupted "Playing For Pizza."

9. Some stuffed animals. They're not mine-- they're Sweetie's. We've got about a hundred of them in the bedroom. The two sort-of-visible here are a Christmas-y elephant wearing a scarf, and a triceratops from Build-A-Bear. Sweetie told me early on in our relationship that she didn't get many dolls or stuffed animals when she was little, because her parents didn't have any money for things like that. She once, she says, had to use marbles for dolls -- pretending each was a person. That story makes me sad, so I periodically buy Sweetie stuffed animals for our room in hopes that it somehow makes up for her having so little when she was a kid.

Which is a downbeat way to finish up on a Friday afternoon -- so let's head out on an upbeat note with the song that I would have made my wedding song with Sweetie if it had existed then:

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