Friday, April 17, 2009

Quote of the Day, 23

"Button his shirt. He's not Bobby Vinton."

-- Sweetie, yesterday morning.

I was getting Mr Bunches ready for his day, and I'd put his white shirt with the two buttons on him, then was pulling up his overalls, when Sweetie made that comment.

So the most current cultural reference Sweetie has for guys who show their chest is this guy:

Have you been to Harvest Hill?

Graveside Tales is publishing a horror story anthology this fall called Harvest Hill, and it's going to include a story -- "Don't Eat My Face"-- by yours truly. (That's me.)

Graveside Tales is a premiere publisher of excellent horror stories, and I'm honored to be included in one of their books. Learn more about them and their books by clicking here. And watch for Harvest Hill in stores in fall, 2009.

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