Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Quote of the Day, 24

"The computer died... on the washer."
-- Sweetie.

Yesterday, seemingly everything went wrong at home. Sweetie called me up to tell me that the washer was not working. I was in my office, working on a brief. I said "Did you check if it's plugged in?" She said, yes, she had. I asked "Did you check and see if a fuse was blown?" She said she'd checked that, too.

I sat there, for a second, and then said "Well, I really don't know what else I can do."

Eventually, Sweetie decided she'd try to find the warranty information, then called me back and said "I called the number on the washer."

"What number?" I asked.

"The 1-800 number on top of the washer."

See, I would have called that first, before I called me. But she called and they sent a repairman and that resulted in Sweetie calling me, later, and saying the quote of the day, exactly as I've written it: "The computer died... [pause pause pause about two seconds long, which is a long pause]... on the washer." And in that 2-second pause, I nearly had a heart attack, thinking, First the washer, now the computer.

But it was just the computer that runs our washer; apparently, our washer is higher-tech than I thought it was. (I know nothing about the washer. I never run it and when we bought it, I spent the time chasing Mr F and Mr Bunches around the appliance store.) Our actual computer was okay.

But, on another sad note, our George Foreman grill died, too. Sweetie didn't break that news to me until I got home.

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