Friday, May 01, 2009

It worked better than the yawn-and-stretch move.

Last night,The Boy suspected something was up. While I was out with the twins running errands, Sweetie had come home from working out, and had some ice cream she'd bought. She told me what happened:

She came in, told The Boy she had ice cream and that she was going to sit out on the front steps and listen to music and eat some ice cream.

"Why?" Said The Boy. "What are you up to? What's going on?" He was mystified by Sweetie's decision to just sit outside away, from the TV, away from the computer, just her and nature and the sky and her ice cream and some music. He found it very, very odd. So much so that when I said, on hearing the story "That sounds nice. Maybe I'll do it?" he exploded and said "What are you two doing out there?"

Sitting outside is an option that we have only near the end of April or beginning of May, though. We live near a lake, and have a ton of trees and leafy bushes and flowers and plants in our yard, plus on the other side of the house, a half-mile away, is a river and marsh, all of which means that our yard is, by mid-May, overrun with mosquitos and we are driven back inside (where at least The Boy is comfortable with us being.)

This year, I'm thinking about getting the "Mosquito Magnet." It's a mosquito trap that gets mosquitos -- and other biting bugs -- away from us without harmful poisons and electrical zappers and without wearing mosquito netting.

The "Mosquito Magnet," judging by the video I watched today, is just placed in the yard and draws mosquitos away by giving off carbon dioxide -- the gas that mosquitos follow to get to us -- and luring the mosquitos to the Magnet, where it captures them in a net. No noise, no poison, no fuss. Just CO2 and trap.

Which is, coincidentally, how I got Sweetie to marry me -- CO2 and trap. Ah, romance.

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