Friday, May 01, 2009

Question of the Day, 57:

"How is that ironic?"
-- Me, to Matt the other day.

My brother, Matt, mentioned to me the other day that he'd gone on a cruise with his family not too long ago. I asked him the same thing I ask everyone who I know has gone somewhere: "Did you send me a postcard?"

I collect postcards, you see. I have probably 200 of them from all over the world. So if I know someone's going somewhere, I tell them to send me a postcard. When I found out Matt (who knows about the whole Postcard Collection Thing) had gone somewhere, I asked him if he'd sent me a postcard.

"No, that's ironic," he said. "I had a postcard to send you, one I picked out and wrote and was ready to mail, but I just didn't mail it."

So I said: "How is that ironic? It sounds more like lazy."

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lisapepin said...

Postcard collection? I am SO the friend for you. Send me your address and I'll put you on my postcard list!