Friday, May 01, 2009

Then again, I can't be sure the CATS weren't breaking in.

I am nothing if not cautious. Having grown up being raised to believe that everyone is a serial killer, and having lived in Milwaukee near actual serial killers, I believe in having my home be secure.

So I lock windows, I lock doors, I make sure that we have lights around the house, and I felt pretty safe, until the night I thought I heard someone trying to get into our living room windows -- low to the ground, away from the street -- during a time when people were having homes broken into in our house.

I did the only thing I could do: Grab the nearest weapon (A copy of "Doonsebury's Greatest Hits") and made my way downstairs to find... that it was the cats making noise.

That lesson taught me that it's important to have even more security than I thought we needed. I don't want to have to defend my family using a softcover comic - strip collection.

Protect America can give me the extra security I'd like -- and they can do it for a price I like... FREE.

They've got this wireless security system that can be installed, and while I was reading up on it on their site, I found out that for a limited time, the regularly-$295 Copper system is free to install, and only $29.95 per month to monitor. So for free installation, I can get a motion detector, three entry points protected, an internal siren and door chime, all with battery backup, window decals and a yard sign, and all controllable with one button arming.

If I'd had that system, I wouldn't have had to spend a night trying desperately to calm down after a couple of cats ran around our living room -- I would've known that nobody had tried to break in, because our alarm wouldn't have gone off. And if it had gone off, I'd have known that help was on the way.

Protect America has sold me. Their site has all kinds of information about their background and abilities. They've ranked top-1o in number of installations of security systems for three years, and they'll give a free quote on what kinds of systems you might want and how much it'll cost.

Plus, they even have a toll-free number to call and get information. Call 877-470-2751 to get more information on Protect America and how they can protect you. (Just calling that number entitles you to get two free keychain remotes with your order.)


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