Friday, May 01, 2009

Does anyone even REMEMBER Alice Cooper Anymore (What's That Song About, 7?)

Today's song is not so much "a mystery wrapped in an enigma wrapped in a tortilla" as it is just kind of an interesting look at different cultures. The song is Bebo by The Saw Doctors.

What I Thought It Was About:
With a name like "Bebo," and being by a group named The Saw Doctors, I assumed when I downloaded it without ever hearing it before that it'd be some kind of guitar-heavy rocker, maybe about a crazy guy named Bebo. That's what having seen the movies Saw and Saw II will do to you... it'll make you link the word Saw with crazies and murders. (I imagined The Saw Doctors as being a cross between The Spin Doctors and Alice Cooper, as well.)

Here, then, is the song: "Bebo"

What It's Actually About:
"Bebo," as it turns out, isn't a giant, ham-handed killer who somehow grew to be 7 feet tall with a doughy face, bad combover, and strangely-untucked blue denim shirt who roams the back alleys of Milwaukee armed only with the baseball bat given to him on his 7th birthday by his father, a gift given shortly before a house fire caused by his birthday candles killed both his mom, his dad, and his brother, leaving Bebo to fend for and raise himself guided only by the maybe-imagined spirits of his dead family, a guy who uses the baseball bat to defend himself against the depredations of street gangs and muggers, only to become misunderstood as a potential serial killer who ultimately is hunted down by the Milwaukee Police and put on trial... want to find out how it ends? Watch the upcoming movie I'll write just as soon as a Hollywood producer pays me for film rights.

No, Bebo is a social networking site used in countries that aren't America. It's clearly not an inferior social networking site -- because would an inferior networking site boast, on its welcome page, that you could use it to hook into better, more popular networking sites? I think not.

The song, then, is about a guy who gets stalked through Bebo by some crazy girl that's in love with him and also may be kind of a Kathy Bates-like person who wants to kidnap and torture him (you caught that in the lyrics, right?)

My story was better.


lisapepin said...

This song is hilarious! Thanks for sharing.

Sarah said...

i remember the coop! And i'm not ancient either. He's awesome. Did you know that he's accepting audition tapes for sideshow acts for his London Halloween shows? The guy's awesome!
Here are some details:

Sarah said...

I remember the Coop! And i"m not even ancient. Did you know that he's accepting auditions for sideshow acts for his new halloween London shows? They guy's awesome.
Here's a link to the details: