Saturday, July 11, 2009

Really: I wasn't kidding about how often pizza would make this list. (3 Good Things)

Every day, like clockwork, I think of at least 3 Good Things from the day before-- it keeps me upbeat and happy. Here's a couple from Friday:

1. Sausage pizza for dinner. And it was ready when I got home! There is nothing so nice, I think, as walking into a house that smells like fresh-baked sausage pizza.

2. I had enough time to write another installment of The End of Light done -- that's been waiting a while.

3. I had to go to court at 3:30, out of town -- which meant that when the hearing ended, I was done with work early and had nothing to do but drive home. "Getting out of work early on a Friday" is the only thing that comes close to "a house full of sausage pizza" in terms of pleasurable experiences..

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