Thursday, October 29, 2009

Being bad at games is good... (3 Good Things From 10/28/09)

1. I suck at Donkey Kong, still -- I always have been terrible at the game. Sucking at Donkey Kong wouldn't seem like a good thing, but it is, because last night, I decided out of the blue to see if I could find the game Mario Bros online, having seen that game at the bar Sweetie and I went to Monday night. (Still with me?) I couldn't find Mario Bros, but I could find Donkey Kong, which I played a couple of rounds of while Mr Bunches sat on my lap and helped me, with Mr F looming over the laptop and watching closely. If you have to suck at a video game, it helps to suck at it while you're playing it with your kids.

2. Mr F is terrible at Hide-and-Seek. After their bath, Mr F wanted to play hide-and-seek. I don't know how he learned to play it, since nobody has ever taught him it, but he knows how to play... badly. He'd run from his room and hide in my room, next to the dresser we don't use. I then had to walk from his room to my room, where I would look for him in a couple of places (Is he under the remote?) while he'd stand in the corner and giggle. As soon as I turned my back, he'd go running and I had to yell "Hey, where were you hiding?" and chase him.

3. Mr Bunches is bad at the Ball Fight game. Sweetie and Mr Bunches invented a game the other night that involves Mr Bunches trying to throw balls out of the playroom while I try to throw them back into the playroom. (At the time they invented it, Sweetie was throwing the balls at me, but Mr Bunches didn't know that.) He wanted to play it again last night, and we did, but he kept throwing the balls and hitting the door, the wall, the floor-- anywhere but out of the room. He solved that dilemma by taking the balls in his hand, walking out of the room and pushing me out of the way, then walking the ball to the other side of the next room, where he'd drop it and go back to get another good one.

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