Wednesday, October 28, 2009

TV ranks, in my life, just below the Babies! and just above oxygen.

We spend probably over a thousand dollars a year on TV, what with the satellite dish costs, and our Netflix subscription, and what do I get for it, besides weekly episodes of Glee? Very little -- I'm not home all that often, and when I am home, more often than not, the TV show I want to watch isn't on, or there's nothing on that I want to watch, period.

I was going to just scrap TV altogether and not watch it anymore, but then I thought "live without TV? That's like living without processed cheese." So instead, I looked for alternatives and came across

Live TV 4 Me offers over 1,000 channels for a ONE TIME, low fee. And it's completely easy to set up, unlike everything else in the world.

All you do is download the program (it takes about 3 minutes) and that program allows your computer to work like a TV receiver that gets over 1,000 channels worldwide, channels you can watch anytime on your computer with no monthly or ongoing fees.

I heard about this and checked out their website, and it's all true: no monthly fees, no contracts, no obligations at all, other than the obligation to just watch TV anytime and anywhere I want.

Can YOU take your TV under your arm and watch it while you wait outside a school to pick up your kids? I can, now, and I can do it for the super-low cost of $39.95 for a short period of time.

The program gets high-quality, full-screen TV with sports, news, music videos, and more, even local channels.

And even better, if you can connect your computer to your TV, you can download the program, watch on your laptop when you want, OR watch your computer-TV-shows on your TV, replacing cable and the dish and all that other junk you've got hooked up.

Another cool thing: I get a TV of my own, so I don't have to battle Sweetie and the Law & Orders anymore to watch my shows.

Check out Live TV 4Me yourself, and see if you're not sold on it, too.


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