Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Everyone has a favorite food additive, right? (3 Good Things From 11/24/09, All Of Which Happen To Be Comic Strips.)

Don't forget the comment contest!

I'm wearing
blue jeans! At the office! On a weekday. I love the holidays. And I love comics. Here's my 3 Good Things from yesterday, all in comic form (with explanations... or con explanationes, as they might say in Latin America.)

1. Lulu Eightball: I'm not going to apologize for the swear; we're all adults, except for The Boy, who yesterday got a mini-lecture for using the "A" word in front of Mr Bunches. (Don't worry: Mr Bunches was not scarred by the incident.)

I really want to make the second recipe tomorrow:

2. Wondermark: I swear, I was going to post this Wondermark cartoon, originally posted a long time ago, before I learned that Wondermark is having a contest in which posting about Wondermark makes you eligible to win an artist's edition of the Wondermark book, Clever Tricks To Stave Off Death. So the contest just makes it all the sweeter. (Here's more info on the Wondermark contest.)

Wondermark consistently cracks me up, and also makes me wonder whether he draws the characters himself or whether they're old pictures that he repurposes... I have a lot of time on my hands to think. But not as much time on my hands to think as the guy who came up with this one:

3. Dilbert: And the final comic from yesterday makes it in for a very specific reason. This strip:

Is funny on a couple of levels for almost everyone -- it makes fun of the Twitter culture, and it has a kind-of-strange twist at the end.

But if you're me, or one of my 3 friends in high school, that twist at the end is an added bonus. You may remember that I once mentioned how in high school -- you're going to have an even higher opinion of me after I tell/remind you of this -- I formed a group, with my friends, that group being called Rebellious Youth Without Phones. (First mentioned in this post.) The driving impetus behind that group, as I mentioned before, was this: it was an organization devoted to proving that Ulysses S. Grant was the best president ever, and to also having Riboflavin declared the national food additive.

I can't explain the coincidence, other than to speculate that (a) Scott Adams reads my blog, or (b) Scott Adams is a pseudonym for someone I knew in high school, or (c) Scott Adams has some sort of Time-O-Scope (TM 2009) and can look through it to see a younger (albeit equally cool) me talking about riboflavin.

Or (d), I suppose, he just likes riboflavin.

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