Friday, November 27, 2009

I'll probably have some of the mix for breakfast, too. Technically, it's a cereal. (3 Good Things From Thanksgiving Day)

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It's 6:59 a.m., and only I and Mr F are stirring: I'm 'puting, he's playing with a plastic coat hanger... (no, I don't bother even asking anymore)... and the rest rest are sleeping. Except for Middle, who's out helping save the economy by working at Old Navy today.

How was
your Thanksgiving? Here's the highlights from mine:

1. It might have been the BEST CHEX MIX EVER! Every year, for Thanksgiving, I home-make Chex mix, throwing in a blend of my own extra ingredients and spices, and this year, Sweetie was in charge of picking out the extras to scoop in. She outdid herself with a brilliant blend of pretzels and nuts and crackers. And, yes, "brilliant" is the word. I place "creating great flavor combinations" right up on the same pedestal as "discovering uranium." After all, the former is arguably more immediately useful, right? Plus, Sweetie got enough ingredients to make the required amount of Thanksgiving Chex Mix, the required amount be "about 30 pounds."

2. The Lemon Meringue Pie turned out. I rather optimistically decided, out of the blue, to make a lemon meringue pie for dinner, as well, forgetting before I began how difficult those are, and also forgetting to "let the 3 egg whites for the meringue stand at room temperature for 30 minutes" before mak
ing the meringue. In the end, the egg whites stood at room temperature for about 3 minutes, but the pie turned out excellent anyway.

3. Mr Bunches forgave me for making him try mashed potatoes. Mr Bunches is the world's pickiest eater: only chocolate chip cookies have consistently passed muster with him, and everything else is likely to be at best tolerated (bananas) or rejected (almost everything else in the world that's edible) or run from in fear (eggs.) Last night I tried to bribe him into trying mashed potatoes by slipping a spoonful of the 'taters into his mouth and having him try to eat them before he got a cookie, but he only cried, rubbed the mashed potatoes on my shirt, and ran off. Later on, though, he sat on my lap and watched Enchanted, so all was forgiven.

Today's featured item from Elizabeth's Etsy Store: From the "Teardrops & Donuts" collection [hey, sounds like my breakfasts on Monday mornings...] comes the Juicy Pineapple Quartz Necklace... $15.00, and the word on the street is that the Queen of England wears one of these to all the royal functions. (I can make things up if it's for a good cause, right?)

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