Wednesday, November 25, 2009

You could give this AND the reindeer slippers, I suppose.

Only 48 hours until we all go crazy with the shopping sprees to load up on gifts that'll be piled in our closets until December, then piled under the tree, then... piled in our closets after we unwrap them and get back to our ordinary lives.

The holidays mean a lot to us, and are a celebration of family and spirituality and togetherness and brotherhood, but we celebrate all of that by giving people sweaters and Snuggies? That seems wrong.

This year, why not give a gift that has a lot more meaning and will last a lot longer than that four-pack of coffee cups with the holiday hot chocolate packets? Why not give the gift of health and life for years, decades, to come?

You can do just that through C'elle. C'elle is a company that lets women collect stem cells found in ordinary menstrual flow (the way it's done is painless and done right at home), and then, once collected the stem cells will be cryogenically stored and used in the future to treat more than 75 different diseases.

Diseases like leukemia, anemia and lymphoma can be treated using these stem cells, and in the nearly two decades they've been around, C'elle has helped nearly 185,000 families using their procedures. This isn't the controversial stem cell issue you've heard about; nobody dies and nobody get hurt.

If you'd like more information about C'elle and how it works, you can check out their FAQs section on their site, but what more information could you really want than: It's easy, it's safe, it's done at home, and it can save lives?

This year, leave the reindeer slippers on the shelf and give a gift that has real meaning and real longlasting value: the gift of life, through C'elle.

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