Monday, November 23, 2009

Next, I'll talk about multiplicational football...

Let's talk about "fractional sailing." Don't worry, there's no math involved, except this equation:

You + "Fractional sailing" = The dream of boating without the high cost of boat ownership.

Fractional sailing
is a way to own a yacht without owning a yacht. Through the Windpath boat club you can get rid of all the hassles and expense of boat ownership and focus on the fun of sailing, simply by owning part of a boat.

WindPath’s Fractional Yachting Program lets you own a boat when you want to own it: when you're using it. That's when boat ownership is fun. The rest of the time -- when you're not using it, when it needs to be cleaned or stored, you don't own it, so it's not your hassle. So you get the boat after work, on a weekend getaway, or for vacation, but don't have to deal with it either.

It's easier and cheaper than you might imagine to get boating the Windpath way, and their site does a great job explaining how it could work for you. Not being a math whiz, I focus on this: It's flexible and inexpensive and easy.

Boating is fun, sporting, and even romantic. It gets you and your family and friends together for great bonding times, and can be used to entertain clients, too -- and now you can do that all at a fraction of the cost, using fractional sailing.

(See what I did there? Clever, right?)

So leave the mortgage, docking problems, insurance, storage and other financial commitments ot others. Get yachting with Windpath the easy and fun way.

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