Monday, November 23, 2009

If you only work three days, is Monday still Monday, or does it become more like Wednesday? (3 Good Things From The Weekend of 11/20-11/22)

A short workweek and mostly caught up on work? I almost feel like I should donate my 3 Good Things to someone who need 'em...

1. It was warm enough to go walking on the nature trail with Mr F and Mr Bunches Saturday afternoon... almost just like summer, except summer, even in Wisconsin, isn't 50 degrees. Still, we got to walk along the trail and see that the turtle eggs hadn't hatched yet, and go to the edge of the pond and toss some weeds in to watch them drift away, and then practice our climbing up the jungle gyms before...

2. ...Taking Sweetie to get a cookie at The Boy's job. Sweetie had quite a day Saturday, getting to go see New Moon and then being taken to buy a cookie at The Boy's job at a Panera shop. The Boy had been talking up their cookies, and Sweetie had been bugging him to bring her one home, so I decided that Saturday night I and Mr Bunches and Mr F would take her to get a cookie. (She had to pay for it, of course. Our contribution was just driving her there.)

3. This song, which I downloaded as part of my new music on Saturday morning: It's The Free Design's song Love You, and it's enthralling:

And if you want something really special, open that video in two windows and play them as a round. It makes me forget it's Monday.

Almost. But, in answer to the title, Mondays are always Mondays. It's impossible to lose Mondayosity.

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Hewl said...

So Sweetie had to suffer through a baaad movie and her husband didn't even buy her a cookie.
Mmmm... Quite a saturday indeed!!
Maybe you should give your three things to her... ;)

Briane P said...

No, you've got it all wrong: Sweetie WANTED to watch New Moon. She was all excited about it.

But I didn't buy her the cookie. So not ALL wrong.