Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I'm having a contest, so one of my Good Things will be one of YOUR good things. (3 Good Things From 11/23/09)

You take the good with the bad... yesterday, Mr F and Mr Bunches broke their 50th DVD player, then today, I got my Facebook account disabled for some reason, but, there's still 3 Good Things from yesterday to perk me up...

1. I won the weekly football pool between Sweetie, The Boy and I -- a narrow victory that I got on a tiebreaker by coming the closest to guessing the final combined score of the Monday Night Football game. Now, I've won something like 5 weeks this year, so I'm about breaking even.

2. "How I Met Your Mother" did another Slapsgiving episode. "Slapsgiving" is my second favorite made-for-TV holiday, right after Festivus:

I'm having a contest! I got a note in the mail last night from Perry Terrell, editor (and publisher?) of Conceit Magazine, The Bracelet Charm and Amulet -- magazines that publish fine short stories. Excellent short stories. In fact, I'd go so far as to say they publish the greatest short stories ever written in the English language.

Including mine. My short story Quantum Everything will appear in The Bracelet Charm's April 2010 issue.

Perry's note told how his offices had been burglarized, leading to difficulties in putting the magazine together, and asking for help via his Mail-A-Thon, his campaign to help raise funds.

You can get subscriptions to the The Bracelet Charm, Conceit Magazine, and Amulet through the Conceit Magazine MySpace page, or you can get one of those for free through my contest.

Here's how it works:

1. Leave a comment, here or on any of my blogs.
2. That's it.

Just leave a comment on any of my blogs, between now and December 8. After that day, I'll put all the names of all the commenters into a hat and draw two of them out. The first one I draw out will get a copy of my book, Eclipse. The second one will get a one-year subscription to one of Perry's magazines.

You can comment on any post you want -- it doesn't have to be a new post to count, but it does have to be a new comment.

The featured piece from Elizabeth's Etsy Store is "Love Can Leave You Black & Blue," because (a) Facebook hurt my feelings, and (b) I liked the Eiffel Tower in it. Get it at her shop for only $22.00!


stanleygoodspeed said...

Congratulations on all the good things, especially the latter - that's as cool as it is deserved. In fact, here's a shout out to all good things everywhere. You guys rock.

Hewl said...

I don't really like slapsgiving.
It's funny, yes, but i prefer the slaps to be totally unexpected, like the one in the theater.
It's more exciting that way...
Anyway, a slap is always welcome (ok, that sound a little weird...)

lisapepin said...

How did Facebook hurt your feelings?

lisapepin said...

Also, if I win the contest, and become the owner of a second copy of "Eclipse" (which is a wonderful book, people!) I plan to donate it to the English library in Aix-en-Provence. So your book will be in a library in France! How cool is that?