Saturday, November 28, 2009

The holidays can be fun again.

My usual rule of thumb for the holidays is this: Don't make any major decisions in November or December.

I say that because the holidays can be a busy time, an emotional time, and a stressful time. So people who make major decisions during that time risk screwing their lives up as they overreact to one pressure area by deciding to address a different area altogether.

I waive that rule for one requirement, though: If you think you have a drug or alcohol problem, you should do something about it. Now, not later. Even during the holidays. Especially during the holidays.

Nobody needs to go through the holidays struggling with alcoholism or drug addiction or a crippling prescription drug abuse problem, not one more year or one more day. If you've got that kind of problem, then you know that it only compounds itself now, either by leaning more on the addiction to deal with the stressful holidays, or by making you feel worse as you inflict yourself on your loved ones, wrecking their days and sending you spiraling down as you try to cope with the emotions those interactions leave. You'll get drunk or high, and end up embarrassing your parents or yelling at your kids or simply passing out during dinner, and then to cope with that, you'll use more.

You can stop now, and you should start stopping now. You can begin today with the Narconon Drug Rehab Program. Their New Life Detoxification program will help you develop live skills that can lead you to a productive and drug-free life. Their program is not a 12-step deal, but an alternative regimen that focuses on life habits and vitamins, and they boast of a 76% success rate, a rate taht comes from their plan of developing a realistic plan, a workable plan that relies on your ethics and responsibility.

So, like I said, if you even think you have a problem, then the greatest gift you can give yourself and your loved ones it to begin working on it now.

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