Thursday, February 26, 2009

I just don't ask about the toilet seats. I can't get a straight answer.

The blinds in our house stink.

They're the blinds that came with the house and I've always wanted to replace them but I've been too busy fixing the furnace, and the roof, and tearing down the shed, and trying to redo the landscaping to create a mowing-free environment, and constantly replacing vacuum cleaners and toilets seats, to get around to it.

But they're awful. They're old, crummy metal blinds that are getting tattered and bent looking and they drag me down when I see them. So it might finally be time to upgrade those and give the rooms that have blinds a whole new look -- like by putting in wooden blinds to replace the old metal dumb stupid ones.

I've always liked wooden blinds; they have a natural, kind of homey feel to them, and if you get the kind that have the taped-hangers, they seem old-fashioned, too, and make a house seem a little cozier and more inviting (as opposed to our metal blinds, which make the house feel like a government office -- and not a GOOD government office. A Paraguayan government office, maybe.)

They've got wooden blinds galore at "Wooden Blinds Direct" (there's a name that doesn't mess around!) and they come in styles ranging from venetian to, I suppose, non-venetian (actually, Roman, roller, and "vertical.") So maybe this weekend I'll mention that site to Sweetie and she if she'll authorize some expenses for blinds.

Assuming that the roof holds and the toilet seats stay put.

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