Friday, February 27, 2009

Jessica Simpson should take my advice. (So should you.)

With all the flap over Jessica Simpson recently, and whether she'd gained weight or not -- and let me say that I am firmly on the side of yes, she gained weight, but I think she needed to and looks just swell the way she does now-- one important point I think was missed and that was this:

Her clothes looked horrible.

What is it with women who aren't supermodel sized (i.e., minus-1 sized) opting to wear horrible clothing? Is there something about weighing more than 73 pounds that automatically steers women towards the "coverall" section at the Farm & Fleet store rather than to something that's stylish?

It's even more mystifying that Jessica, and other women, would wear such horrible clothes when there are such awesome clothes available for women with normal, regular figures. Just looking around at sites that sell plus size clothes, like, shows you that. Look at the picture of the dress I found for sale there; could that be any better? Probably not. Is it way better than those hiked-up jeans Jessica wore, or the "Skort"? Yes. By a mile.

In fact, browsing around the stuff there, I didn't see a single thing that wouldn't look way better on Jessica than everything else I've seen her wear recently -- and I saw a lot of stuff that looks as stylish as, if not better than, the junk they sell at places that cater to the anorexic models of the world.

Having a normal figure doesn't mean having to dress ugly, and I don't understand why women do it. It's not like they have to; the clothes at are available online, 24 hours a day. They have a size chart, and they even sell coats and blazers and outerwear.

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