Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Punk Rock Lovin'

Okay, so it's not exactly for me, this new Punk Chat Room put up by "Punk Chat City,"because even at my most punk -- i.e., 1984 -- I was not very punk at all. Listening to Duran Duran's Arena album, having kind-of spiky hair, and wearing Docksiders without socks probably doesn't qualify as punk (but I thought it did.)

Real punks have screen names like "Maddiecherie," "DeadxRomance" and "sexyvamp12," and would probably not be caught dead listening to Duran Duran, unless they were listening to it burn, maybe. Or whatever it is punk rock lovers do to the vestiges of suburbia that they rail against.

The point is, though, that "Maddiecherie" and "sexyvamp12" don't have to worry about running into me online or dating me -- not just because I'm married (although there is that) and not just because the one time I went to a punk rock show the bartender wouldn't give me a beer because he said I was a narc, but also because they can go to Punk Chat City.

It's a free chat room/website/cam service that lets punks hook up with punks to talk, get cool haircuts that would never fly in the corporate boardroom but which look great in New York City, and talk about how they just want to see corporate America crumble (or whatever it is punk rock lovers say about corporate America.)

It's totally free, which seems to fit in with what I recall of the punk ethos, and even though it seems kind of new, it's already stocked full of other punk rockers looking for fellow punks to talk to, fellow punks like "xxdieslowlyxx," who wants you to know this about her: it's not your business to know.

Well, like I said, it's not for me. But if you're a punker, then it's for you, for sure.

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