Friday, February 27, 2009

Mixtape 3: Space!

UPDATE: I'm sorry... I don't know why originally I cut&pasted only "Space They Cannot Touch," but I've fixed it now. I hope that didn't wreck your Friday night.

This entire mixtape was inspired by the fact that I heard the first song, "Love Astronaut" by Murder Mystery, on Pandora today, and then went and watched the video I've got here, then went and downloaded the song, and I've been listening to it more or less all afternoon. It's that good.

Plus, the guy in the video is a pretty good dancer.

Love Astronaut: Murder Mystery:

Space They Cannot Touch: Kate Miller-Heidke

Let’s Talk About Spaceships: Say Hi To Your Mom

Too Much Space To Walk Away: avocadoclub

The Bleeding Heart Show: The New Pornographers (I cheated a bit; I don’t think the song’s about space, but watch the video and you’ll see why it’s in here.)

Lost In Space: Aimee Mann

We are all made of stars: Moby (Have you read Moby's blog? It's awesome.)

Across The Universe: Fiona Apple

Adventures In Solitude: The New Pornographers (This was the song that inspired my project, Asteroids: The Movie.)

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