Saturday, February 28, 2009

Maybe It's Ralph Waldo Emerson's Fault?

The Internet makes everything easier; with the Internet, it's possible not just to waste 43 hours a week trying to look up your favorite videos and then posting them into a mixtape only to find that you copied the same video over and over (again, SORRY!, and the corrected version is up!) and order toast online. With the Internet, it's easier and quicker to get Furniture for Kids without all the hassle.

Which is good, because we need to get some new Boys Bedroom Furniture for the Babies!, who are heading towards three and getting a little big for their cribs, and if there's one thing I'm consistent about, it's that I HATE furniture shopping. I hate driving all over town and having to wander through giant warehouse stores with salespeople clinging to me like so many remoras, only to find that the furniture I pick out is out of stock and will be delivered in 14 weeks.

With the Internet, though, I can shop for a Bunk Bed for the boys right from my desk, listening to Vampire Weekend and drinking coffee and wearing my Buffalo Bills' pajamas. In less time than it used to take me to get the twins into the car and back out of the driveway, I can order something like this:

And have it delivered right to my house. Plus, the furniture is supercheap. No, that's not right. It's superdupercheap; it's way less expensive than in a brick&mortar store. And if there are TWO things I'm consistent about, they are that I hate going to furniture stores, and that I love saving money. So clicking on a picture to order a bunk bed online helps me keep my consistencies from being hobgoblins of little minds. (Because they are not foolish. Make sure you know your Emerson if you're going to talk online bunk bed shopping with me.)

See how great the Internet is? Spend ten minutes shopping around online, looking at what are literally hundreds of bunk beds and kids furniture on that site, and then have it shipped for less money than you'd expected to spend. Which means I can use all that extra time I have to figure out how to work that "cut and paste" feature. Stupid computers. Stupid Youtube. It's all someone else's fault.

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