Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I only happened across this site. Honest.

Now that spring is coming and people can get outside and start doing stuff again, don't you want to do stuff with that special someone? You know, the person you can get to join you going to the zoo, or the botanical gardens, or maybe just walk down State Street and go visit the Museum of Modern Art, followed by a quick ice cream cone while you look at the ducks by the Terrace?

What do you mean, I'm a nerd? I'm cool. And I can prove it: Sweetie married me, didn't she?

But if I was single, I still wouldn't have to worry about finding someone who shares my tastes, someone who (like Sweetie does) thinks I'm cool and would love to spend an afternoon biking around the neighborhood or hanging out with Mr F and Mr Bunches.

All I'd have to do to find someone who was perfect for me is go to passion search, a new, FREE, online dating service that makes it fast and easy to find someone right for you wherever you are.

All you have to do is go to their site and begin answering questions, questions like "Are you a guy or a girl," how old you are, how old you want someone else to be, where you live, when your birthday is, and then give them your email address and Blam-o! you're signed up for the hottest new personals and dating service there is.

And you'll want to sign up; click over there and they'll tell you right now how many members in your city there are, just waiting to meet you. (There's 575 in Madison, I see -- but I didn't sign up. I swear, Sweetie, I didn't!)

So don't waste any more time cruising the bars or hoping that your friend will set you up with that hot waitress he knows (he's not going to; he wants to date her.) Instead, go to Passion Search, the site that makes it easy (and free!) to flirt, date, and fall in love.

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