Thursday, August 27, 2009

How'd a spider make this list? (3 Good Things From 8/25 and 8/26)

I was thinking of discontinuing 3 Good Things, not because I don't have enough good things but just to focus on other stuff for this blog, but then I thought, "Wait, I can do 3 Good Things, and still focus on other stuff for this blog. All I have to do is do less work around the house and office." Problem solved! So here's my 3 Good Things From The Last Two Days:

1. Last night, grocery shopping, Mr Bunches tried to steal another shopper's watermelon from under his cart. Mr Bunches always thinks the watermelons are like balls, and he wants to throw them.

2. The spider is back! I felt bad for him (her?) before, but now he's back and his web is better than ever and I'm learning to coexist with him.

3. I heard that the guy who won that $260 million jackpot spent the other morning mowing his neighbor's lawn because she needed the help. So if I couldn't win it, at least a nice guy did.


Petri Dish said...

Number tWo sounds like the tagline from a cheesy movie. "THE SPIDER IS BACK....AND THIS TIME HIS WEB IS BETTER THAN EVER!!"

Briane P said...

Starring probably all of Sweetie's Hunks of the Week, as cops who must go undercover as strippers to bust the spider.