Monday, August 24, 2009

The picture is from last year. (3 Good Things From 8/23/09)

I completely forgot to upload the picture of Spaghetti & Meatball pizza, but I'll do it eventually. In the meantime, here's my 3 Good Things from yesterday:

1. Helping Sweetie sell off some of her old, unwanted romance novels at Half-Price Books. Even though she was a little more right than I was about where the store was located, it still made me feel useful to carry the bin of books in for her.

2. Watching Wall-E in the morning with Mr Bunches, killing time before heading into the office for a little work. Mr Bunches is awesome to watch movies with. He really gets into them, saying No! and crouching during tense parts.

3. Swinging with Mr F at the end of the day. Mr F doesn't like to swing on his own anymore, but he will sit in my lap and swing, holding on with his legs and leaning back against my stomach.

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