Wednesday, November 11, 2009

3 From Mr F (3 Good Things from 11/10/09)

My cell phone hasn't worked since Sunday, and I haven't even tried to replace it yet... nor have I missed it yet. That's too ambiguous to be one of the 3 Good Things, but I thought it worth mentioning...

1. It's kind of hard to explain the first one, but it involved Mr F suddenly paying attention to me. I was reading him How Do Dinosaurs Say Goodnight? (which is a highly-scientific text book in our house) for Learning Time last night, and Mr F was sort of noodling around and not really following the story, until I got to the part where the dinosaur hugs his Mommy goodnight. "See, he's hugging Mommy," I said, and suddenly Mr F snapped to attention and began studying the page and really looking at the dinosaur hugging his Mommy good night. I found it touching.

2. Mr F loves his bath. To end bathtime, I pull the plug and let the Babies! play until the water's out or they give up. Last night, Mr Bunches gave up when the water was down to about 1/4 inch. So I wrapped him in his frog towel and then sent him on his way while I tried to get Mr F to come out, too. But Mr F wouldn't -- he fought to remain in the bath until the last drop of water was out.

3. Mr F and Astro Boy helped with Advanced Biology review. I had to quiz The Boy for his Advanced Biology test today -- he was woefully unprepared, blowing the very first question I asked him and then complaining that he "didn't need to know the typed parts of the review sheet," a complaint that went nowhere - -but while I did that quizzing, Mr F wanted me to help play with the Astro Boy toy he got from McDonald's last week. We play with the Astro Boy by whoooshing it around in the air, then making it roll across the table top. So studying went like this:

"Explain the Krebs Cycle..."

Whooosh whoosh whoosh

"And draw a diagram of it"

Roll roll roll

"Astro Boy!"

"Showing what order it fits in with respect to glycolosis and electron transport phosphorylation."

I was much better at the "Astro Boy" parts than the rest of it.

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