Thursday, November 12, 2009

Butterscotch: The Next Generation. (3 Good Things from 11/11/09)

I'm sitting in a seminar as I write this, and the mind-numbing tedium almost drives out any other good thoughts. But I'll soldier on with my 3 Good Things from yesterday:

1. Butterscotch. We took the Babies! grocery shopping last night, and at the very end, Sweetie had two quarters to get some sample candies at the 3-for-25-cents bin. Then, Sweetie didn't want her own three pieces, so I got SIX!, which gave me the leeway to branch out a bit and try some candy I wouldn't ordinarily get, like a butterscotch. That's kind of a forgotten flavor nowadays, but someone should bring it back. I think the world is ready for Butterscotch 2k10.

2. I was on time for a lecture I gave, against all odds. I had to be at a seminar -- to speak, not pretend to listen as I'm doing today -- yesterday at 11:15. I left at 10:45 for the 30-minute drive, but then had to stop for gas (putting in a quick $4.92; there was no time for the rest of the 8 cents) and then missed my exit to get to the seminar location and had to backtrack five miles, and then couldn't remember what building I had to go to and then had to wade through a group of life insurance salespeople -- the horror! -- but I made it there, right on the button at 11:15.

Note to my insurance company, which jumped my rate $600 per year based solely on two speeding tickets I got last year which tickets were entirely unwarranted... I did not speed. I manipulated time.

3. Sweetie made banana bread! No further explanation needed. Delicious!

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