Thursday, November 12, 2009

Admit it: It beats another sweater or tie.

More and more, when it comes to buying gifts for Mom and Dad and in-laws and brothers and sisters who I see only a few times a year, I'm stumped. I know they like to read, and watch movies, and go out to eat and wear clothes -- but what have they already read? What movies have they seen? What restaurants did they swear they'd never go back to after that time the waitress was rude to them?

You can see my dilemma. That's why I opt for gift baskets for most people on my list. With a gift basket, I get to send a present to people without worrying that they already have it, or that they can't use it. The gift baskets from are not only not duplicated, but are always usable.

This year, I'm focusing on breakfast gift baskets. Breakfast is an underrated and overlooked meal. In my own life, my own breakfast is often the Pocket Breakfast eaten while sitting in traffic on the way to work -- but real breakfast is eaten at dinner time, when Sweetie makes pancakes or french toast or egg sandwiches. We've moved breakfast up to dinner so that we can fully savor the experience of those great breakfast foods, and with the breakfast gift baskets, I can teach my family how to do the same.

While any of the breakfast gift baskets they offer seem okay, I'm opting for the California Breakfast Gift Basket: Giftswish picked out stuff that symbolizes California: sun and surf, as shown by fruits and fresh foods: Mrs. Briges Strawberry preserve, Stick Finger Bakery's Apple Cinnamon scone mix, Canterbury Chocolate Pancake Mix and Canterbury Crepe Mix, among others.

If you're on my list -- expect to get that this year. And, Sweetie, I've ordered three for us.

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