Monday, November 09, 2009

Things That Are Better Than Being Poked In The Eye With A Sharp Stick. (3 Good Things From 11/6-11/8)

I'm at home today, getting a day off as a result of Sweetie being poked in the eye by Mr Bunches yesterday and having to go to the ER. It's because of that that I became aware that I am the only person in our household who uses the expression "Better than being poked in the eye by a sharp stick." Is it just me? I thought that was a pretty common expression. But when I told Sweetie that now she could actually tell people which was better, the thing they don't want or being poked in the eye, she just looked blankly at me.

Of course, that may have been the Vicodin, too, come to think of it.

Here's my 3 Good Things from this past weekend...

1. I finally got the hang of my video making software.
In anticipation of Alli Millstein Month on TBOE, and because I've got to organize, somehow, the 32 billion gb of videos and photos we have on our computer or I'll never have enough memory to continue downloading music, I sat down and made an actual video of the Babies!

2. I got through 2 more episodes of Lost... season 3. I'm up to the part where Charlie almost dies, and where they just blew up the sub. Don't spoil it for me! I have to get caught up because it's harder and harder to avoid spoilers in the first place. Stupid pop culture.

3. It hit over seventy degrees both days of the weekend, and, thanks to Sweetie, I even didn't have to go into work yesterday, too, so, bonus!

Also, why does it have to be a sharp stick in the eye? Isn't any stick poking into your eye a bad thing, even if it was, say, dull? I mean, Sweetie got a 3-year-old's finger, and that seemed pretty bad. So maybe the saying should be It beats getting poked in the eye with any kind of stick.

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