Tuesday, November 10, 2009

If you look at the picture, and imagine me walking up it tiredly, you'll kind of get the idea. Only my hill is steeper. (3 Good Things from 11/9/0

Back in the office after my day off, a day that included these 3 Good Things and many more...

1. Mr Bunches and I built a castle -- or, actually, several castles, using his giant Lego-blocks. It's fun to see Mr Bunches getting around to building stuff; for a long time, he and Mr F have been only interested in knocking stuff down. We built the castles by me starting the base, and Mr Bunches then adding bricks wherever he felt they were needed -- a process that resulted in some fantastically rickety but fascinating castles.

2. The weather was warm enough for me to walk the Babies! to the health club and work out. To get out of the house for a while, I put the Babies! in the stroller and walked them to the health club, a mile away, then worked out (jogging nearly 3 miles in 30 minutes ... I took it easy) and then walking back. I did that because it wasn't quite warm enough to just work out outside, and I wanted the Babies! to be able to play in the play room at the club, and as I was walking there, I kept thinking to myself "You know, I don't know why I don't do this more often. It seems silly to drive to a health club to work out when I could walk there and get extra exercise on the way."

Then I walked back, after having worked out, and nearly died pushing two Babies! and a stroller up the giant hill we have to go up, and kept thinking to myself "Yeah. Doesn't seem so silly now, driving to the club. Not silly at all."

3. Sweetie can see again. By the end of the day, Sweetie's eyes were more or less back to functioning, so Mr Bunches won't bear a lifetime of guilt. Unfortunately for me, Sweetie's return to the land of the visioned also meant that (a) she could see the mess the house had become while I was in charge, and (b) she could watch Law & Order reruns again. Still, it's nice to have her back seeing stuff again.

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