Thursday, November 12, 2009

Ideas Not Yet Ready For Prime Time (A 1001 Ways & 3 Good Things Mash-up)

My writing schedule calls for Friday's postings to be a 3 Good Things and a 1001 Ways. But I'll be in Green Bay -- not interviewing for the Packers' head coaching job, as you'd suspect, but in a meeting -- on Friday so I wasn't going to post anything.

But then, on Thursday night, I had 3 Good Ideas that, while good, aren't quite good enough to be a 1001 Way, but deserved some limelight. So I'm mashing up the two categories and giving you these Pretty Good Ideas:

1. The TV Show: While coming back from working out, with Mr Bunches and Mr F in tow, I began calling them Gumbo and Jambalaya, respectively, and then decided that Gumbo & Jambalaya deserved their own TV show, so I invented one, on the spot, there in the parking lot: Gumbo & Jambalaya are door-to-door soup salesmen who, each week, solve a mystery in the town where they're currently trying to conquer the soup market. Expect this to replace that Jenna Elfman show next year.

2. The idea that became a better idea: I was getting ready to shower up after working out, and wanted to finish reading an article in the paper, causing me to think: Why don't we have newspapers that can be read in the shower? Think of the time that would save! Then I went it one better. Are you ready? Touch-screen Shower Internet tablets: hangable, wireless-ready touchscreen tablets that are waterproof and can surf the Internet. You could set up your fantasy football team while you let your conditioner sit! Get caught up on those viral videos while you lather-rinse-repeat. The possibilities are... well, not endless, but possible.

3. The idea that might actually lead somewhere: Candy based on a theme of quantum mechanics and subatomic particles. That's all I've got so far. But that just may be all I need...

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