Monday, November 09, 2009

Being a husband does NOT mean that I've got to face down the monsters. Does it? It does? Rats.

I've been thinking, since I watched "Paranormal Activity," about getting a wireless camera or two for our house.

Now, in my case, the wireless camera would be installed mostly to protect me against demons, and also a little bit to protect me from having to be the one who has to, in the middle of the night, go all the way downstairs to see if the garage door is locked. I don't know why it's important that it be locked -- or that it be checked in the middle of the night -- but it's important to Sweetie, at 2 a.m., that I get up and go see if I locked it, which means that I'm wandering around in the dark and checking garage doors, and everyone knows that garages are the number one hangout for monsters. So in my case, a wireless camera would save me the trip/potential kidnapping by demons that's inevitably going to happen.

But in other cases, people might have an
actual use for a wireless security camera, like watching the house while you're away if you travel on business, or protecting your business property from break-ins and vandalism, and if you have an actual (non-demon-related) purpose, you'll be able to get great cameras at great prices online at

They've got the best wireless security cameras, closed-circuit TV systems and other security devices available at prices that make it affordable to protect your business instead of burning it down and cashing in on that sweet, sweet insurance money. And they cater to everyone, from the pros to the do-it-themselves types to people like me, who don't know what they're doing but who do desperately want a wireless camera to protect them from monsters.

Their site is easy to use, too, and best of all, they offer a one-year warranty on every product. I'm going to bookmark the site and tell Sweetie it's either we get a camera or she can go wrangle with the monsters tonight.

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