Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Chocolate Gift Baskets

Time to start talking about the perfect gifts to get the perfect people in your perfect life.

You've got a perfect life, right? Of course you do, because you use "intentional chocolate." Remember how I wrote about that a while back, the people who will help you send not only chocolate, but good intentions WITH your chocolate, so that you can improve people's lives through meditation and candy? The Intentional Chocolate people have now created chocolate gift baskets filled with Chocolate Pistols, truffles, chocolate-Goji berries, and more, all pure Hawaiian chocolate infused with great taste AND spiritual energy imparted by experiences meditators who've trained with the Dalai Lama to help pass along good intentions through your gift.

So when you get that perfect life around to ordering gifts, send the perfect person a gift basket of intentional chocolate. You'll make their day, and their lives, better.

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