Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Do you think they'll have room for me in the Justice League? (3 Good Things From 2/23/10)

The pictures with this post were sent to me by Sweetie this morning. You may think the Mr F one is blurry -- but that's just him. It's hard to get a clear shot of Mr F unless he's asleep, and even then it may not work.

1. National geographic videos on Youtube. After posting about the stuff I didn't learn in Preschool yesterday, I realized that there are something like a zillion nature videos on Youtube, and spent most of the rest of the day playing them in the background while I worked. So if you were sued by me yesterday, and paragraph 13 says something about crocodiles, just roll with it.

2. I got my second book delivered and it's ready to go. As you know from reading the posts on here and other blogs, my second book, Just Exactly How Life Looks is ready to go. I got my copy the other day, and upon realizing that it turned out more awesomely than I'd even expected, I'm ready to begin selling it.

3. I was able to help Mr F get back to sleep. Last night, about 9:15, after Mr F had already fallen asleep, Mr Bunches woke him up by trying to move all the mattresses... including the one Mr F was sleeping on. I got into their room to find a pile of mattresses in the middle of the floor, a nervous-looking Mr Bunches (naked, of course), and a distraught Mr F. In short order, I was able to rebuild beds, reclothe Babies! and then I laid down and rubbed Mr F's tummy until he fell asleep.

I'm kind of a superhero, that way.

89 down, 10,543 to go:
Today's song, "Lily, Rosemary and The Jack of Hearts," by Bob Dylan. A fair amount of my life has been spent repeatedly listening to Bob Dylan songs to work out what, exactly, the lyrics say (he talks fast and raspy.) This song, especially, deserves to be listened to closely: It's a short story wrapped up in a song:

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